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Struggling with Maths?

That’s because the rules and principles build on one another and if a few of those crucial building blocks are missing, future work won’t be fully understood. Kids fall further and further behind until they convince themselves that they’re “no good at maths.” With the right help and direction, this can change, and it can change FAST. MathsBuddy guides you through the Maths curriculum, lesson by lesson, allowing you to pause, rewind and repeat all or part of any lesson until you fully understand it.



Benefits of MathsBuddy

  • Gives student the freedom to study without stress, at home, in their own time, at their own pace.
  • Students can catch up on lessons they missed or concepts they have not fully understood.
  • Because maths concepts build upon each other, sometimes it’s necessary for students to go back and revise a particular concept before moving on to a new topic, this can be done as every student has access to the entire Grade 1 to Matriculation Maths curriculum.
  • Students can preview lessons at home before they take them at school.
  • Students can gain understanding and confidence especially in areas where they struggled previously.
  • Students can complete the worksheets and interactive questions to test their understanding. All of their results are record ed so that their progress can easily be seen.
  • Above all, it works!

Why MathsBuddy?

Many of us can excel in other areas of life, yet still feel inadequate or embarrassed when it comes to maths. But does it have to be the same for our children? There’s no doubt that a firm grasp of maths is an increasingly important requirement for your child’s success in today’s world. It widens career choices and builds self-esteem.
But, with ever-growing class sizes and more disruptions in the classroom, maths teachers often don’t have the time they would like to give to individuals who struggle to keep up. So what happens? Students drop further and further behind if they miss a few classes or can’t maintain the general pace.
Students can lose confidence, lose heart and interest, as they continue through their school years. Indeed, generations of students have struggled in vain to conquer maths.
The MathsBuddy programme was created to give students the opportunity to watch, listen and re-do maths lessons again, to stop and rewind the teacher when needed. MathsBuddy allows the student to learn from an excellent teacher with the powerful help of sight and sound – a super effective combination where improvement is guaranteed.

Don’t be fooled

Do you dread opening school reports? Would you like to look forward to opening the report and seeing an excellent maths grade?

It is sometimes difficult to see how to see how your child is really going from the school reports, until it is too late. We have so many parents contact us when they find out for the first time that their child is doing poorly in maths when they’re already into their final school years. And we stress, this occurs often through no fault of their own, they just weren’t told the facts earlier on.

If you’re one of the lucky parents who get reports that show clearly how your child is progressing in class, then at least you will have a reasonable idea on how they’re doing. Don’t get caught out. Over the years, we’ve seen too many students struggle, get upset, lose confidence and then finally give up simply because they weren’t shown how easy maths can be, and how fast they can turn poor results into outstanding results.

Don’t risk your child’s education

The education of a child is not just the responsibility of the school we send them to, and to expect so is not going to provide the best for our kids. In actively encouraging our children to use this tremendous resource, we are working hand-in-hand with their teachers, to achieve better outcomes for our kids.

Take the time to explore the resource yourself

We recommend that all parents take the time to explore the site, and familiarise themselves with the student/tutorial interface by trying our free lessons. This may well be your best spent 30 minutes in support of your child’s mathematics future.


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